Checking Accounts

Traditional Checking

A checking account at Michigan United Credit Union works the same as checking accounts at other financial institutions but with these advantages:

  • No per check fee
  • First 50 checks are free
  • Monthly statements for easy account reconciliation
  • No monthly fee if a $300 minimum balance is maintained in the checking account or if you are on direct deposit (a small $3.00 monthly statement fee applies otherwise).
  • Overdraft options available to prevent non-sufficient funds return of your checks

Direct Deposit and Direct Payments

  • Save time with direct deposit of your paycheck or recurring deposits to your Michigan United Credit Union checking account. No more waiting in line to make deposits and have the monthly statement fee waived.
  • Save time and money, and never worry about paying those bills on time again, by having them automatically taken from your checking account every month. Check with the companies that you pay monthly and get a direct payment application from them. Call Michigan United Credit Union or Contact Us if you need more information.

ATM and MasterMoney Cards

  • For members who wish to have the convenience of 24 hour a day access to the funds in their accounts we offer a traditional ATM card with access to thousands of Automated Teller Machines and merchant Point-Of-Sale Terminals throughout the world.
  • The Credit Union also offers an upgrade to the traditional ATM card for those who have a checking account. We call it the MasterMoney Card. With a MasterCard logo, it has all of the benefits of an ATM card and it can also be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Line of Credit Overdraft Loans

Available to qualified members, overdraft loans protect you if funds are unavailable in your checking and/or savings accounts when items try to clear your account.

“No Check” Transactional Accounts

Transactional Account has all of the great features of our Checking Account with the checks replaced by a MasterMoney check card. You can use the account for Direct Deposits and automated payments and use the MasterMoney card to transact ATM and Point of Sale Transactions.

“The Punchline 2” Web Banking System

Now you can access your account from your
home computer for free. Check your balances, review history on your account and even look at and print images of the checks that you write. You can also download your history into popular financial programs and spread sheets. Other options will also allow you to do internal transfers between your accounts, make loan payments on your Michigan United Credit Union loans, and check on tax information. If you need money, “The Punchline 2” can send you out a check. Just go to the login area in the upper left of the this page, and follow the instructions.