Savings Accounts

Regular Savings

Dividends are calculated daily and paid and compounded quarterly on balances of $100.00 or more.They are determined by the Board of Directors near the end of each quarter. See current rates.

High Earnings Account

A minimum balance of $15,000.00, set aside in a separate account, will earn you a higher dividend than a regular savings account. All rules are the same as the regular savings accounts and if the balance drops below $15,000.00 dividends will be paid at regular savings rates. See current rates.

Individual Retirement Accounts

Michigan United Credit Union’s accumulation IRA accounts give you a long term savings plan for retirement as well as a possible way to save on your income taxes. The account is a savings account and dividends are paid in the same way they are on our regular savings or High Earnings accounts. See current rates.

Christmas Club

A Christmas Club account helps you to save money all year for your Christmas shopping needs. You can make weekly or monthly deposits through payroll deduction, in person, or by mail. Christmas Club checks are mailed in early November and automatically restart for the next year.

Kids Club

Available for children under the age of 13. Each time your child makes a deposit of over $2.00 to the account they will be able to pick a prize from Michigan United Credit Union’s treasure chest.

Short Term Certificates

Michigan United Credit Union’s offers a 26 week certificate with a minimum deposit of $10,000. The dividend rate is set at the time of purchase and is paid at maturity. Please call the Credit Union for the current rate. A penalty is applied for early withdrawal.

For more information or to open an account, use the Contact Us web form or call a Member Services Representative at 586-573-4110 Extension 42.