Switch Kit

Make The Switch

At Michigan United Credit Union, we provide you with an easy way to make the switch from other financial institutions. Just click on the links below to obtain the forms you’ll need, along with a checklist to help you organize the transferring of your accounts.

Of course, our Member Service Representatives are available to help you every step of the way. Call or stop by the credit union office and we’ll help you with the entire process.

Switch Kit Transfer Checklist: To help you organize and track your changes.

Direct Deposit Enrollment Form: Provide to your personnel department to authorize direct deposit of your payroll to be sent to Michigan United Credit Union.

Automatic Payment Cancel Form: Provide to company/payee to cancel your current automatic payments.

Automatic Payment Change Form: Provide to company/payee to have your payments made through your Michigan United Credit Union account.

Close Account Request Form: Provide to your current financial institution to close your account.

CAUTION: Before you close an account at another financial institution, please be sure there are no outstanding transactions that have not cleared your account. It’s best to leave that account open and a balance in that account until you are sure that all transfers to Michigan United Credit Union have been completed.

Make the switch to Michigan United Credit Union and enjoy the full benefits of credit union membership today! If you have any questions or need assistance, please call the credit union office at 586-573-4110.